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Serving Woodland Hills CA, & Surrounding Communities 
    Each arrangement is custom made for you.
     We use the highest quality balloon in our designs. 
·         Our latex balloons are specially *treated so they float up to 25 times longer than untreated balloons.                                                                     
·         Using Jumbos, Giants, and foils in our one of a kind creations, makes a lasting big impression
      *Actual flying time will depend on the temperature our balloons last the longest between 70-80 degrees and out of direct sunlight, indoors.  The lasting float balloon treatment is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable


We will make your celebration an Event by hand
delivering your balloon bouquet. 

Deliveries to hospitals are with in their guidelines.

A real pick me up surprise:

Get Well! Thinking of You! New Baby!





We Recycle Our Foil Balloons

posted Apr 19, 2013, 5:50 PM by Pat Dunavan   [ updated May 13, 2013, 8:39 PM ]

Pat's Balloons is recycling Foil Balloons

Pat's Balloons of Woodland Hills, CA. has a recycle program for foil balloons. Foil or Mylar balloons are made of a metallic foil type material and they are not biodegradability as the latex balloons.

"We recycle our Foil Balloons, they are not biodegradable"  Need your foil balloons recycled we will picked them up, give us a call at 818.835.2795 serving our neighbors in Woodland Hills, CA.

Here are a couple of ideas for your old  Mylar or Foil balloons.

  • Foil Balloon have great graphics, after they are deflated frame the balloon and hang it on a wall, it makes a great party memento.
  • Cut open the Foil Balloon and use it material to wrap small presents, the graphic add that special pizzas.
Help us add to our suggestions send up your ideas to promote.


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